DaaS Web Client

DaaS Web Client

With the help of virtualization and high-bandwidth network, virtual desktop is becoming popular technique. Virtual desktop is launched on server using virtualization technique. Then client connect the virtual desktop over the network using remote desktop protocol. This service is usually called DaaS (Desktop as a Service) or VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).

With DaaS service, user can use his virtual desktop on remote cloud center using his local client device (e.g., laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) anywhere. Nowadays Web-based remote desktop connection technique is utilized to connect remote virtual desktop because of platform & OS independence. However, current Web-based remote desktop connection technique has critical limitations. First, it does not support high-resolution remote presentation. It means it occurs screen delaying and long response time. Second, it does not support sound functionality.


In this research, we propose DaaS Web client. We developed HTML5-based Web remote desktop connection technique. It has several advantages. First, it is developed using HTML5 standard. In other words, it can run on any platform, any OS, and any modern Web browser. Second, it supports high-resolution remote presentation. For example, it present full-HD resolution (1920×1080) video screen with 25 frame per second. Third, it support sound functionality. Therefore, we can hear sound of remote desktop on local device.


Demo Video


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ㆍIn course of preparations for patent