PosCFS+ is a distributed file system integrating personal devices.

In the research, a storage virtualization technique on file system layer had been proposed in order to provide integrated data management on personal mobile devices. PosCFS+ is a self-configurable peer-to-peer file system in which all the storages of mobile devices in PAN can be automatically and dynamically integrated as a virtual storage space by Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) protocol.

It also provides a dynamic namespace management based on file metadata. (also known as semantic file addressing) For the purpose, all the files on the storage are tagged with semantic metadata extracted on their creation time, or with some other information explicitly annotated by either users or applications. The namespace of the virtual storage, called virtual directory trees, are dynamically provided for each client-side based on the metadata and pre-defined rules for the namespace management.

For interoperability, WebDAV, a HTTP extension for file I/Os, is used for basic file I/O operations and other extended file system operations are defined as UPnP actions.



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